What bra types do we offer?

Bras come in a variety of forms, sizes, and designs. One aspect to consider while selecting the appropriate size is whether the bra design and type are perfect for your breast form. In this blog article, we’ll go through the many types of bras available and discuss which ones would be best for your body type.

Underwired vs Soft cup bras

An underwired bra is one with a hidden wire beneath the cups. The wires on this style are either padded or non-padded and help to elevate and support the bust. Different bra designs may utilize different-shaped wires that lift and support your breasts in various ways, resulting in a variety of shapes. Some wireless Bras have a shorter wire, which is ideal for people with shorter torsos because the wires don’t dig into the armpits.
A soft cup bra, on the other hand, has no underwing in the cups. Non-wired bras have a deeper support band that provides more gentle assistance. Wireless bra designs such as this one naturally shape and comfort the breasts, making it a very pleasant style to wear for any breast shape. For close-set breasts, which are narrow or lack space between the breasts, a wire-free bra is suggested.

Full cup vs Lower cup bras

A full cup bra covers the whole bust, providing complete coverage for the entire bust. Due to complete breast coverage, it creates a smooth line under clothing. This type of bra provides excellent support and fits every body type and size. If you have a full breast, this is the shape for you.
The cup of a lower cup bra is smaller than that of a regular bra. It’s also known as a half-cup or demi bra because it has less fabric in the cups. A balcony bra (another term for this type) provides a boosting effect and rounded support to the breasts while being worn with lower-cut tops.
A balcony bra can provide a non-padded boost to a shallow or narrow breast that is thinner at the top and fuller at the bottom by lifting from the side. A balcony bra will provide uplift and a rounded shape if you have broad set breasts with a large gap between them.

With or without straps

A bra with no straps or detachable straps, designed to be worn only on special occasions. A strapless bra is meant to be worn beneath a dress that has no straps.
Many strapless bras include design elements to prevent slipping and provide support. These bras have silicone strips or another sticky material that keeps the clothing in place, so no support is lost, and detachable straps are often included. Strapless bras are very popular among women who wear dresses, off-the-shoulder tops, and other garments with strapless necklines.
E-Lingerie Shop also offers a self-adhesive bra. It’s reusable and fits all sizes.
On the other side of the spectrum, there are bras with wider bra straps. They are designed to support the breasts, relieve shoulder strain, and prevent strap slippage. This is a fantastic choice if you’re having trouble with your bra straps slipping. Many of our bras also have adjustable, cushioned straps for additional comfort.
Wider strapped bras are found in a variety of bra styles. The straps might be wide all the way down the strap, or they may be wider in the rear or at the front.

Creating the desired breast shape

Padded bras have padding in the cup. They are suggested for narrow, shallow breasts, so a padded bra or half cup bra helps make the bust look more rounded. A padded half-cup bra may help raise and shape tear-drop-shaped breasts that are rounded at the top. They’re also beneficial for asymmetric breasts.
A side support bra has a panel at the side that aids in the support of the breasts, and occasionally there are additional bones in the side support panel for further help. A side support bra adds side support for wide-set breasts, which is advantageous since it helps to create a lot of forwarding projection. A wide range of bras is available with side support.

E-Lingerie UK Bra Types

Our inventory features an extensive range of bras, bodysuits, briefs, and nightwear in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes.
The e-Lingerie Shop team is well-versed in our bra collection and will be able to provide you with a variety of bra choices to fit your shape and size.
Please contact our friendly bra specialists at +44 7473 545 488 if you require assistance selecting the best bra shape and style for you.