How to properly handwash your lingerie

Wouldn’t you love to prolong the life of your delicate garments? Hand-washing them is key. If you’re thinking that hand washing is tedious and time-consuming, give me a chance to explain why it’s worth it!
If you take the time to learn, hand-washing your underwear will take the same amount of or less time than it does to put a load in the washer. Because taking care of your underwear will make them last longer, we think it’s worth learning how to do it.

The hazards of machine washing

By machine washing or tumble drying your delicates, you cause them significant damage. Not only will your delicate items get ruined in the wash, but the agitation and heat from the dryer will damage them beyond repair. Machine washing and drying your stretch fabrics causes them to sag, and tear eventually, the elastics will lose their shape, and colours may bleed into each other. They don’t wind up any cleaner in the machine than they do with hand washing. If you follow our guidelines, you’ll discover that hand washing your lingerie takes only a matter of minutes!

How to manually wash your lingerie

Fill your sink with chilly, soapy water and submerge your undergarments. Using just a little squirt of a precisely formulated delicates or silk wash is recommended.
To clean your underwear, simply swish them around in the water to loosen any dirt or stains. Then give the gusset a gentle scrub. Let them soak for a few minutes and then they’ll be ready to go!
Remove the underwear from the water, dry off well, and wrap it up in a clean, dry towel. Rolling up the towel through the clothes and pressing firmly is an excellent method to eliminate any remaining moisture.
For best results, hand-wash your clothes and either hang them to dry or lay them flat on a second, dry towel. If you have any persistent wrinkles afterward, smooth them out with low-heat ironing.

Here are additional pointers and answers to your most frequent queries.

How can I remove stains from the gusset of my clothing?

We’re honestly unconcerned about a little staining. The extra layer within the gusset is there specifically for your hygienic needs, and it will most certainly get marked over time. A little extra detergent can be applied to the gusset area to pre-treat it, but don’t let a small stain stop you from feeling sexy in your lingerie!

What is the best way to remove blood stains?

You may get your period or spotting on your favourite lacey lingerie, despite your best efforts. We have a great tip to share for removing blood stains: your saliva contains enzymes that break down your own blood, so it can be very effective in removing small stains. It’s actually true: a touch of spit on the afflicted region might help prevent the stain from setting.

Is it possible to hand wash a silk robe?

Although you can hand wash silk garments, including robes, we suggest taking them to the dry cleaners. The reason is that after a wash, you’ll have to iron a lot of silk.
Since ironing can be difficult and time-consuming (especially for those unfamiliar with how to do it properly), many people choose to take their silk garments to the cleaners. However, before you give over your most exquisite, floor-length silk robe, double-check to see whether they’re a reputable cleaning service.