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    The undeniable advantages of the female body deserve a sublime frame in the form of a sexy Jardin.

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    Delicate color, subtle gloss and noble fabrics – elegant Casabella is the perfect base for summer stylizations. A classic push-up bra in cups filled with elastic foam beautifully lifts and shapes the breasts, giving them a naturally oval shape. Lace in a shade of dirty pink decorated with a metallic thread covers not only the entire cups, but also the bridge, which makes the AV 1990 model extremely feminine. Adorable elastic straps and a satin teardrop bow placed between the breasts perfectly complement the delightful Casabella.

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    65% polyamide
    20% polyester
    10% cotton
    5% elastane
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    Sexy cocktail bra, perfect for large neckline. Detachable straps allow you to fasten them in different ways or replace them with others. The special shape of the cups gathers the bust inside. Wider at the front and slightly stiffened band size of the bra is a solid support for the breast.

    Gorsenia is a Polish brand, so the EU cup size will be given on the manufacturer’s label, and the UK size equivalent will be given on the additional label

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    Sensational smooth bra designed for women who like a deep neckline and nicely exposed breasts.

    Composition: 90% polyamide, 7% elastane, 3% polyester

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    A unique, self-supporting bra! The profiled shell-shaped cups perfectly hold on the breasts thanks to a layer of certified silicone glue. WOW effect! guarantee straps placed between them, which can be easily hidden between the breasts. The push-up effect and the lack of straps and straps guarantee the success of…