Gorsenia Alicante ecru Semi-padded bra K647


Underwired semi-padded bra, the upper part of the cups finished with lace. Non-detachable straps, widened and lined with special foam.

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Alicante semi-padded bra ideal for all breast sizes, especially for medium and large. The bra cups are made of pleasant to the touch fabric, and the seams are finished with a shiny satin ribbon. Specially widened bra straps, have been additionally padded with foam, relieve the back. Soft foam, which stiffens the lower parts of the cups, makes the bra perfectly supports the breasts. The upper, narrower part of the cups is covered with lace placed on a transparent tulle.

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two-row, three-stage hook and eye


Specially widened shoulder straps with were additionally lined with foam, it relieves the back tension.


32 DD, 32 E, 32 F, 32 FF, 34 C, 34 D, 34 DD, 34 E, 34 F, 34 FF, 36 C, 36 D, 36 DD, 36 E, 36 F, 36 GG, 36 H, 36FF, 38 B, 38 C, 38 D, 38 DD, 38 E, 38 F, 38 FF, 38 G, 38 GG, 38 H, 40 B, 40 C, 40 D, 40 DD, 40 E, 40 F, 40 FF, 40 G, 40 GG, 42 B, 42 C, 42 D, 42 DD, 42 E, 42 F, 42 FF, 42 G

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88% Polyamide; 8% Cotton; 4% Elastan

Gorsenia Alicante ecru Semi-padded bra K647

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