Popular push-up bra myths debunked

Myth 1 – Push-up bras were invented to entice men

It’s interesting how men believe that everything women wear is intended to soothe their eyes. While you may still be correct (who knows what works for you, right?), push-up bras are not made by lingerie companies with the sole purpose of attracting males.
Push-up bras are a type of bra worn to enhance the shape of your bust under a specific style of dress or top. It’s all about giving you the lift and volume you need.

Myth 2 – Push-up bras cause you to give up on comfort

Push-up bras are often associated with discomfort. It is a common misconception that push-up bras create the “perfect” bust at the expense of discomfort. This isn’t always true, though.
Push-up bras are available in a variety of sizes, small and large. It all comes down to how well you understand your body. Some push-up bras work perfectly well, while others fall short.
Everything will fit if you know the push-up shape and size guidelines. Push-up bras are designed to provide support and comfort based on your bust position. If you have wide-set breasts, with your busts about three fingers apart, push-up bras are not a good fit for you. Wearing a push-up bra with a visible gap between your breasts is not suggested.

Myth 3 – Only smaller bust women can wear push-up bras

While push-up bras are designed to make the breasts appear larger, they’re not only for ladies with small breasts. While this is true in some cases, it is not a hard and fast rule. Push-up bras are for all forms of breasts, regardless of bust size. Women with fuller breasts prefer push-up bras as they provide their desired form.

Myth 4 – Push-up bras provide cleavage

In theory, showing off your cleavage may be appealing, but a staggering number of ladies are actually unconcerned with their cleavage when choosing a push-up bra. They just want to feel more at ease and comfortable.
While flaunting a cleavage may seem like a win, there are several additional advantages of push-up bras, including lift and form improvement. There are many varieties of push-up bras available. Some give you cleavage, while others offer a lift, shape improvement, and oomph.

Myth 5 – Push-up bras are meant for everyday use

Push-up bras are not recommended for everyday wear. Though many companies, in order to boost sales, may say advertise that “you don’t need a special day to feel wonderful, feel special every day.”, they claim that wearing push-up bras boosts your self-esteem every day, and you won’t feel unique if you don’t. In fact, many women don’t want to put on push-up bras every day. They certainly go with a wide range of clothing, so if you intend on wearing one every day, be sure to consider the comfort level depending on your outfit. It’s your body, after all.

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