What type of push-up bra is right for you? Best push up bra in the UK

Comfort comes first with bras. If you’re uncomfortable in a push-up bra because it places undue pressure on your chest and you struggle even to breathe properly, there’s no point in huffing and puffing.

What you need to look for when buying a push-up bra, Best push up bra in the UK


Too large or too little cups are not advised. This requires some discernment on your part to figure out what the best size is for you. To find the correct bra size, set aside a minute or two. Jumping between cup sizes is the last thing you want to do, so an online bra calculator can tell you if you’re wondering what size bra to buy.


Although extra padding might make you feel more comfortable, it does not always work that way; it is not that simple. There are three different levels of padding to select from. Choose one depending on your bust size and the clothes you’ll be wearing.


When a certain area of bra fabric continuously rubs against your skin, it’s known as bra chafing. The straps are most frequently the culprit. It’s typical for padded and wired bras because their stitches are tighter than those found on conventional moulded bras.
Push-up bras are prone to chafing owing to their padding and wire, which is why they’re often uncomfortable. Aside from the shoulders, bra chafing can be felt around the bra band under the breasts and around the nipple region.

Purchasing your best push-up bra UK

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