The impact of nightwear on your sex life

It’s all too easy to get used to someone when you’re in a relationship, and that isn’t necessarily bad! If they can’t appreciate you when you’re relaxed and comfortable, they don’t deserve to be with you at your best.
As relationships progress and become more comfortable, it’s not uncommon for the sex life to dwindle away. So is there a way to bring the passion back?
Some people like to spice up their sex lives by trying new things in the bedroom, but for most of us we are content with our intimacy as is – we would just like it to happen more often.
The solution is easier than you might think- simply switch up your nightwear.
When people are in bed together, they will most probably have intimacy – whether it’s late at night or first thing in the morning. That may seem lazy, but consider this: if you’re no longer going home with a lover after a steamy date, the most natural moment to “reconnect” is when you’re in bed together and mostly naked anyhow.
If you’re sleeping in your long pajamas covered in fluffy bunnies while snuggled up in bed, you’re probably not sending the right signals to your spouse that you want to be romantic.
It was discovered in a recent poll that one in five persons throughout the country are sleeping naked. For some people, sleeping naked just brings comfort. But for others, it also means they’re more inclined to be sexual with their partner if there’s no clothing in the way.
What about the other four out of five people who don’t like sleeping naked? Well, there are several alternatives between bare and complete-length pajamas that will have your spouse’s heart racing in no time! In this blog post, we’ve put up a short list of all the nightwear alternatives that might help you get your connection back on track, from sexy to seductive sleepwear choices.

Sheer night lingerie

While we might not wear lingerie to bed with the intention of sleeping in it, there’s no denying that doing so will turn up the heat pretty quickly. Before bed, there’s no clearer message you can give your partner that you’re interested in being intimate than by wearing lingerie. Whether it’s a matching bra and knicker set, a lacy body, or suspender belt and stockings–go all out!

Hot baby dolls

Your partner will definitely catch your massage when you appear in the bedroom wearing a baby doll. Baby dolls are undeniably seductive and appealing, making them a fun way to flaunt everything without being completely undressed. Baby dolls are designed to be as sexy and luxurious as possible, so expect features like lots of lace, a formed cup for extra cleavage, and sumptuous materials.

Lacey chemise

A chemise is a piece of lingerie that is more playful and sexy than a traditional nightgown. Lingerie is typically shorter and made from more luxurious fabrics like satin and lace. A chemise is designed specifically for a flirty and flattering fit in the bedroom.

Soft nightie

Nighties are an excellent choice for comfort-over-style nightwear that doesn’t sacrifice sex appeal. They cling to the body in all of the right places like pajamas would, but they show off more skin which makes them appear slightly more sensual. To increase the sexual appeal, choose lingerie with lace paneling.

Satin night lingerie

Even the feel of pajamas might impact the sex appeal of nightwear. With its sleek texture, satin nightwear is sure to please – whether you prefer a flashy style or something more subdued!
Why not give sexy nightwear a try and see what happens?
While your partner may love seeing you in sexy lingerie, there are other benefits to choosing the right nightwear. Finding the perfect nightwear is a combination of knowing what will make you feel good, and also choosing an outfit that will get your partner in the mood. Pick something that makes you confident, and let the sexy clothing do its job!
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